2 Critical Reasons To Use Facebook Creator Studio For Restaurant In 2021

And how it can help you target your dream customers while saving time.

What would I do without Facebook creator Studio?

If not for Facebook Creator Studio, I would have given up on this social media thing. Honestly, I do not know how you could have a successful business Instagram account without it.   And this is why I want to introduce you with 2 critical reasons why you need facebook creator studio for your restaurant.

Hi, my name is Robert. And I want to go over the 2 critical reasons why you need Facebook Creator Studio for your restaurant. First, I want to go over what Creative Studio is, the impact it can have for your business. And then I want to show you how I use it to juggle two accounts and view the success of each one. 

The Covid19 Revolution

And yes, I called it a revolution. Covid19 changed the way that the hospitality industry does business from one day to another. Sidewalk traffic, and steady Friday reservations are gone. Covid19 has forced restaurants towards social media and digital means as a source of sustainability. I highly suggest that you read our post: 6 valuable reasons why now is the time to invest in a website for your restaurant. We give you a few good reasons why you should not focus your advertisement solely on social media and create an online base of operations for your restaurant. Which is a completely different direction that this article will walk your through. But I believe that your business should have the whole package, and not solely rely on one source of advertisement online.  

Social media has become the primary source of advertisement for restaurantsAnd online ordering the main source of sales. Covid19 has forced restaurants to break the traditional brick and mortal model, and really test the power of digital marketing. Because of this, Creator Studio should be your primary hub for your business accounts. 

What is Facebook Creator Studio, and how can I apply it to my restaurant?

Facebook Creator Studio is a fairly new tool that Facebook launched in 2017 due to the high demand from its users requesting a complete and user-friendly tool to monitor their accounts. Facebook Creator Studio brings together all the tools you need to effectively post, monetize, track performance, and interact with customers in a single place – simplifying the process of building your online brand. The best part is that it is completely free. Click here to check it out.  

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You best have a computer!

I want to imagine that a professional business entrepreneur like yourself has a real-life computer with a monitor. Yes, a laptop, desktop, Apple, windows, and not just a mobile device. Smart phones and tablets are great if you are on the go, and busy during the shift. But you should sit down on a computer at least once a day only to work on Facebook Creator Studio. I guarantee that doing this will improve your Facebook’s accounts and open possibilities to monetize. I will go into details on how you can really step up your business online in the following paragraphs. 

Now, I said before that you will need a computer for creator Studio. The main ready why is because Facebook did not make a fully functional app for Facebook creator Studio. Yes, there is an app, but: 

  1. You cannot post from Instagram with it 
  2. It is extremely limited
  3. Feels a little cluttered.

Before moving any further, please make sure that you have a business Instagram account. I cannot express enough how important it is that you have a business account in Facebook and Instagram. A business account is the only way that you can use this tool and take advantage of its potential. 

The most important main reason is number one: you cannot post from Instagram on it.  

I also want to think that an intelligent and savvy entrepreneur like yourself, has your Facebook page synchronized with your Instagram account. If you do not. Please do so at once. In fact, you can reach out to me personally and I will help you set it up. [email protected]. That is how important it is. You will not be able to do half of the things we will be doing without this first step.  

Instagram should be your main posting source.

You may do it differently, but I feel that creating the post in Instagram and having it flow to Facebook, looks much nicer than Facebook to Instagram. Actually, I am not even sure if you can post from Facebook to Instagram. Each platform has its purpose and format. For example, I may post this article in Facebook with the link. And in Instagram, since it is photo based, I will upload an image or video, and point users to the link in the bio.  

Reason # 1: Scheduling In Facebook Creator Studio

Start by visiting this link, and you simply sign in with your Facebook credentials. Then link your business page and Instagram account. On the top of the page, you will see a Facebook and Instagram logo. Click on the Instagram logo, and on the left menu you will see Instagram Accounts. Click that, add your account, and your good. What I love is that you can add as many Instagram business accounts as you want and easily switch between them. Personally, I have 2. 

2 critical reasons why you need facebook creator studio for your restaurant during covid19

That’s it. You are ready to go.

Take a few minutes to look around and see how things are presented. Can you imagine trying to fit all of this in an app? Impossible!  

You can see the amount of control that you have over your accounts, detailed insights, inbox, and if track your monetization, and a full listing of your posts that you can filter by date. With likes and comments count on the right side. 

Let's just jump in.

On the Instagram section of the tool, go ahead and click create a post. You will see a drop down with a choice to post to your feed, or IGTV. Yup, you can even post to your stories from here. Sweet huh? Let us start with an Instagram feed. If you have more than one account, here you can pick which one you want to post too. I would love for Facebook to have an option to post to all. Some of my posts work on all my accounts, and I go into each one and duplicate. If you know of a way let me know. 😊 Go ahead and fill out the caption for your post. You can also use hashtagsAnd as you start writing you will get suggested hashtags to choose from.  

2 critical reasons why you need facebook creator studio for your restaurant during covid19

Don’t get your account blocked.

I want to say, that creator Studio is a powerful tool, that you can take advantage of easily. It is tempting to fill up your caption with as many hashtags as possible.  Facebook knows if you are using for spam. Speaking from experience, using repetitive hashtags can get you blocked for a few days.  

A little bit of my background

When Covid-19 forced restaurants to close, I, like everyone else, at once changed my Instagram and business model. I was focused more on restaurant reviews with wonderful things to say and awesome pictures. But when lockdown started, I realized, that restaurants needed more reach online. I focused my account on reposting anything and everything that restaurants posted. In my mind this was going to increase the chances of restaurants finding new customers and relaying their information to everybody. So, you can imagine. My account went from 2 or 3 posts a week, to over 50 in one day. Also using a scripted copy-paste hashtag paragraph that I would include in each post.  

Facebook didn’t like that!

My account was blocked from using captions completely for a couple of days. When I got my account back, I did it again. And this time they blocked captions, follow, and likesSo, when I got it back again, I reposted someone’s post with a hashtag they included, and my account was blocked from any kind of activity for around 2 weeks. 

I avoided opening the app at all until things cooled down. So, when I finally got it back, I stopped using hashtags completely to avoid any further issues. Then eventually I was able to repost hashtags. 

Do not Rely on Social media for your business.

I mentioned earlier that you should not rely on social media completely for your business. What I explained that happened to me is a good example. You are at their mercy. While you think the content is yours, they can take it away, lock your account, and with no explanation or assistance from them. Therefore, I suggest that you invest in a web site for your restaurant. Yes, social media right now is the main portal of your traffic, and a wonderful way to connect to you customers, but it is not yours. You need to own your traffic, and advertisementCheck out our article on more reasons why you should have your own website: 6 valuable reasons why now is the time to invest in a website for your restaurant. 

It doesn’t seem like much for one post. but multiply that x 30 or more, and it can get repetitive. And not only that, but you can make mistakes. I really hope Facebook reads this post and does an update! 😉 

So, the moral of that story was to watch your hashtags.

Now in Facebook creator Studio you wrote your caption, go ahead, and add your locationThis option adds locations from all over the world. For example, there is a local Mexican food restaurant called Acapulco. If you type in Acapulco, by location theirs comes up first, but you also get several restaurants from Acapulco Mexico. What I would do is look for an earlier post of the restaurant that I am posting for, and copy paste their location to be on the safe side. Some restaurants also do not have a location. But you can always leave this blank. 

Now the fun part

Add your pictures, or videos to the post. Here you can upload up to 10 items. Go ahead and post 2 to test it out. In the past few months Facebook has really improved the content control feature.  You can see that each picture has a number assigned. You can type in another number, hit enter, and it will re-arrange the pictures. You can also tag other users, crop, or remove the picture.  

No filters no problem

You may notice one of the major features from Insta is gone: filters. This is because you are now working on a higher business level that a regular user. You are now using a tool to mass upload and schedule your posts. 

Facebook Creator Studio vs. Hootsuite

Start Scheduling!!

One of the most powerful features that Facebook creator Studio has is its scheduling feature. Think that you can schedule posts for the next month, as many times a day that you would like to get your brand image out there. I know that for restaurants it is a little different because of daily menus, or ingredient shortages. But you can simply schedule a post with your logo and your contact information. Or if you have weekly menus, you can do all your posts on Sunday for the rest of the week. This can help you support you online visibility daily. And it is all automated. Put in a few hours one day to schedule your month. And you do not have to deal with social media until that day next month. 

I go into more detail about the benefits and features of scheduling in my other post:  

Restaurant Instagram Post Scheduling 

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Reason # 2: insights

Look at who’s looking at your restaurant

On the left menu, click on InsightsLook at how pretty! The detail that you get from the insights tab is enough for you to want to look at this dailyYou can see how much activity your account has been receiving. by date, time, gender, country, and cities. Creator studio even shows the day and hour that your followers are online so that you can schedule and post at these specific times of the day. 

You can see that by not having Creator Studio how blind you are to these stats. The Instagram mobile app does give you some insights, but in Facebook Creator Studio they are presented with more detail and interaction. The Insights details alone can help you increase your visibility in Instagram and FacebookI can see from my stats that 67% of my followers are women from 25-44knowing this, I can customize my post to target more specifically. creating a laser sharp social media campaign. 

I am not going to get into Monetization in this postSoon I will give more details on how you can monetize your Instagram account, and how to add partners. 

Now let us look at the Facebook Section.

I honestly mostly use the Instagram section. My profile has better interaction in Instagram than in Facebook. Now, I do have every single post from Instagram filter to Facebook as well, and I can see how they performWhat I like about the Facebook features, is that they supply much more information about your account. I especially love the retention section that shows how long people are watching. 

The create post button gives you the choice to even Go Live if you wish. Facebook Creator Studio has really incorporated all the best Facebook features into its tool.  

Facebook Creator Studio for your Restaurant Alternatives

Facebook launched creator Studio in 2017, but they were not the first to offer this type of solution. Hootsuite is a social media managing tool that was founded in 2008, and it gave users most of the tools that creator Studio provides; like multi account managing, and post scheduling. Loomly is also another alternative to Facebook Creator Studio which launched in 2016. The main thing that sets Facebook Creator Studio and the rest of the social media managing tools apart, is the in-depth insights, and monetization features. Since Facebook owns this information, it is on lockdown, and they can provide more detail on it, 

I go into more detail on how you can schedule posts, and the differences in Hootsuite and Facebook Creator Studio my post: Facebook Creator Studio vs. Hootsuite.

Wrapping it Up

I hope that this post gives you a general understanding of how Creator Studio can help you monitor your Restaurant’s Instagram and Facebook accounts dailyAgain, you do not have to use Facebook Creator Studioif you feel comfortable how you are right now monitoring your accounts, this may be an added distraction for your business. But if you want to put in a few minutes a day, monitor your audience, and schedule a few posts, creator Studio can be your savior.  

I can tell you this from firsthand experience. Given the Covid-19 situation, social media an essential tool to increase the visibility to your business. Facebook Creator Studio gives you all the tools you need to manage the Facebook account for your restaurant. Scheduling posts has enormous value. And most importantIt is freeSo, you have no excuse. 

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

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