QR Code Service Puerto rico

We offer dynamic QR Code Service Puerto Rico solutions for small and large businesses. Digitize your business with hands-free solutions.

Professional QR Code Service Puerto rico

Create an easily accessible professional digital presentation for your customers

QR Codes facilitate the sharing of information for your business.

Give customers a hands-free solution that they can use to access your restaurant menu, website, photos, social media, or anything with a link online.

We also provide QR code solutions for businesses who want to facilitate processes by creating hands-free environments in their workplaces.

Digitize and facilitate

A QR code is a matrix barcode that when scanned by a smartphone, they can be used to assign online links.

Qr codes can be used to send the scanning device to any link online.

Below are some examples of QR code uses:

  • Restaurants can send customers to see their menu
  • Send customers to social media
  • Send customers to their website
  • Companies can send their employees to online forms
  • We can create an online profile for your business within the QR code program
  • And more

Yes, you can fully customize the qr code with your logo, and company colors.

wE also do custom made qr codes for your specific situation

No.  Our QR codes are dynamic.

This means that the code does not change if you change the final link.

For example, you can change your menu as many times as you wish, and the QR code does not change.

You can change the QR code that links to your Facebook, to your Instagram, and the code does not change.

You can simple email us with the new information, and we will change it the same day.

No extra fee will be charged for changing the information on the QR code.

Dynamic QR Code Service Puerto rico

Fully customizable, and you can change the information without having to change the bar code.

Some examples of our Qr Codes

QR Code Service Puerto rico So that you can facilitate your business to your customer

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